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2023 Service Project

They offer a child-led and nature-based curriculum for children 33 months to 5 years old. 

Service Project Plan

Easy Life Organizing

  • We will provide organizing services in multiple areas of the facility.  The organizing will allow the teachers to easily see and find supplies, and create systems that will let the teachers focus more of their time on planning curriculum and working with the kids.

  • Donation: Project oversight, labor, and connections

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Big news! Easy Life Organizing is teaming up with Fenner Nature Preschool for something truly awesome. We're diving in to spruce up their behind-the-scenes spaces, so our fantastic teachers can focus more on what they do best—supporting our kids' development! Seriously, these teachers are superheroes—they've got this incredible child-led, nature-filled curriculum that's like magic for our little ones' growth and exploration.

Now, here's where the fun begins! Easy Life Organizing is taking charge to make these 'behind the scenes' spots super organized and efficient. You know, the kind that saves time, money, and makes everyone's day a whole lot smoother!

But, we could use a little hand. We're aiming to gather funds for handy stuff like bins, totes, and shelves. And guess what? Any extra funds we collect are going straight back to the preschool. We're talking about keeping the place stocked up with cleaning gear and artsy goodies for our kiddos to keep exploring and creating.

Let's make this happen together! Your support means the world to us, and it's all about making Fenner Nature Preschool an even more incredible place for our little explorers.

Thanks a ton for being amazing!

Date: 12/16/23

How you can help?

Business Services

  • Mulch for trees

  • Large outside play items (open-ended and allow kids to explore, be creative, and interact with each other)

  • Monthly Cleaning Services

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • Art Supplies

  • One way Window tint for 1 window in the classroom

Volunteer Time


Monetary Donations

  • These will help cover the cost of organizing products and other classroom needs 

  • ALL money donated that is not used will go directly to Fenner Nature Preschool 


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