2023 Operation Transformation

Do you want organizing results on a monthly basis?

Do you live in the Greater Lansing Area?

Allow us to save you from the clutter that has overtaken your life, one month at a time!


What you get:

  • Monthly Organizing services 

  • Large discounts

  • Easy Monthly Payments

  • Pull ahead days to get larger projects done faster

  • Free membership to our NEW Patreon VIP Group

Program Options

  • Empower Plan: 1 Organizer/month ($300/month) 20% discount!

  • Energize Plan: 2 Organizers/month ($550/month) 25% discount

Next Steps

  • Fill out the below form BEFORE 12/1/22

  • Amanda will be in contact with you to schedule a consultation

  • Once selected, sign contract, schedule your January session, and make 1st payment on 1/15/23

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