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10 Tips for Organizing Your Holiday Décor

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The countdown to the holidays is on so Easy Life Organizing is here to share our top 10 tips for organizing your holiday décor. We know it's only October and this may seem slightly premature, but the first holiday of the decorating season is upon up, Halloween! What better time to set yourself up for success than before the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving and Christmas begins.

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Limit to Storage Space

Our first tip to organize your holiday décor is to limit your décor to your storage space. Designate a specific space in your house (garage, basement, closet, etc.) that you wish to store your décor in. Sometimes this is the same place for all of it, sometimes this can vary depending on what it is. For example, one client may store everything in their garage, while another may keep their outdoor décor in the garage and their indoor décor in their basement. Do what works best for you! You're probably asking, but how do I make all of my décor fit in one area? The answer: declutter! Our next tips can help with that.

Does it Work?

Organizing your holiday décor can take some hard work! One of the easiest steps to take to downsize and declutter your décor is to simple ask yourself "does it work". If the item doesn't work, get rid of it! Keeping something that doesn't work (like a lighted reindeer with it's legged burned out) is just wasting precious space.

Did You Use it Last Year?

Another great decluttering tip is to ask yourself "did I use it last year?" Maybe you're one of those people who rotate decorations every other year to keep things fresh, so adjust this question to your habits. The main goal is to get rid of things that have sat in the back of the garage for the last 10 years and haven't seen the light of day. Why are you letting it take up space?

Separate by Holiday/Season

Our next tip for organizing your holiday décor is to get to organizing. Start by organizing your decorations by holiday and season. Each holiday would have it's on bin, i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, etc. You can also have a bin for non-holiday decorations, such as specific things for just springtime, or fall.

Separate Again by Indoor vs Outdoor

Now that you have everything separated by holiday or season, you can organize items by outdoor and indoor items. You can choose to store the separate bins in different areas of your home, store them on a separate shelf, or store them side-by-side. If you choose the latter, we have a great tip coming up to differentiate the bins for ease of use.

Label Containers

With everything decluttered and organized into it's own bin, the next step to organizing your holiday décor is to label everything in detail. Having a label on the outside of your bins is the perfect way to see everything and know where everything is. Examples of different labels you can use are Indoor- Christmas ornaments, Outdoor - colored Christmas lights, Outdoor - Halloween lights, ext.

Use Different Color Label Tape for Indoor vs Outdoor

You may be noticing we differentiated between indoor and outdoor on our labels. This makes it super easy to grab the right bin every time. No more wasted time taking the indoor bin outside and the outdoor bin inside. To take this idea up another level, color code your bins. Use white label tape with black lettering for indoor bins and black label tape with white lettering for outdoor bins. If you don't have a label maker just use different colors of masking tape. White tape for indoor and blue tape for outdoor, you get the idea!

Container of Supplies

Don't forget the container of supplies. This can be placed in a central location where you store your outdoor and indoor decorations. Things to include in this bin are items that you use for any season, such as extension cords, velcro straps, hooks for wreaths, twist ties, string light hooks, etc. Having these all in one place will make it even easier to get your décor up and ready to enjoy!

Keep it Simple

Before we get to our last tip for organizing your holiday décor, we also wanted to give you some words of encouragement. Remember that simple decorations are just as good (if not better) than an elaborate display. Simple is way easier to take down and change out. We are all about giving you back your time, energy, and peace of mind, and keeping it simple is a great way to maintain this.


We're going to end our 10 tips for Organizing Your Holiday Décor by giving you some really great product recommendations that we use everyday with our organizing clients.

We hope you found our 10 Tips for Organizing Your Holiday Décor useful and hope that it gives you the motivation to get all of your holiday décor organized this season! Let us know your favorite holiday décor organizing tips or products in the comments below!

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