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35 Prime Day Deals to Keep You Organized

With Prime Day right around corner, we thought we'd help you get your buying list in order by sharing some of our favorite Prime Day deals to keep you organized. Whether you're a plant parent extraordinaire, a gadget guru, or a closet chaos crusader, we've got you covered! Get ready to transform your space (without breaking the bank) with our top picks in Organizing Must-Haves, Plants, Pets, Party Essentials, Electronics, and Closet Solutions. So grab your shopping list, bookmark this post, and let's conquer Prime Day together! Some of these items also have additional discounts, so don't forget to clip those coupons before checking out!

{Disclosure: Links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.}


Organizing Must Haves

  1. Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers - These are one of our favorite products! There is nothing better than opening a well organized drawer and these are the key!

  2. Extra-Large Plastic Storage Bins - Another favorite! These are a great multipurpose bins for the garage, pantry, closet, or even under the sink!

  3. Plastic Stackable Tea Bag Organizer - pretty and functional, especially for our tea drinkers out there!

  4. 5 Compartment Lazy Susan - We use one of these on most jobs! It's super versatile and can be used in so many ways!

  5. ClearView Latch Wheeled Underbed Storage Box - Perfect for utilizing that wasted space under your bed. We love the clear bins so you can easily see what's in them!


  1. Leafriend: Plant Propagation Buddy - Fun and easy way to propagate your plants!

  2. 60 Pieces Plant Climbing Wall Fixture Clips - tame your climbers with these fun clips!

  3. Plant Magnets Eyes Mouth for Potted Plants - boring leaves no more!

  4. Solar Auto Drip Irrigation Kit System - self-watering AND solar powered? Yes, please!

  5. 100pcs Plant Labels - aesthetically pleasing AND waterproof!

  6. Plant Tying Machine with Green Tape - Time and labor-saving!


  1. Furbo Mini NEW Pet Camera Nanny w/Smart Alerts - Monitor your pets and ensure their safety, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Dog Cat Hair Remover - Remove Stubborn Pet Hair from fabric without damage! Great for carpets.

  3. 2PCS Dog Poop Bag Holder - Don't carry that poop bag, ew!

  4. Dog Feeding Reminder - Keep track of your pet’s feeding with this cute and simple reminder.

  5. Dog Travel Bag - This can hold it all! Food, collapsible bowls, leashes, toys, and more! Great for weekend trips & camping.

  6. Cat Wand Toy Storage - Have a cat who loves the wands? This is a great way to keep those off the ground and out of their reach if they're crazy about them.

  7. Pet Feeding Station - It's elevated for your dog, stores food, and you can hide the evidence away! PERFECT!

  8. Petmate Scoop N' Hide Cat Litter Scoop - discreetly conceals the scoop when not in use. Easy to use and not an eye-sore.

  9. Cat food can storage - space saving and high capacity, perfect for the pet food zone in your pantry.


  1. 2PCS Divided Serving Tray with Lid and Handle - perfect for a charcuterie on-the-go!

  2. Wood Utensil Holder/Plate Organizer - place this on the food table to save space and provide all the items your guests need!

  3. Clear Plastic Dividing Storage Box - this is an organizer hack for storing balloons!

  4. Pop-up Food Tents - These are great for keeping the bugs off of your food during outdoor parties. The best part? They collapse down for easy storage!

  5. Reusable Containers - tired of having leftovers after a party? Buy a box of to-go containers to send leftovers home with all of your guests. These ones are cheap enough that you won't feel bad not getting them back. You can also use them for meal prep!


  1. Photo Storage Box - this is another Easy Life Organizing hack! We love using these photo storage boxes to organize and store cords!

  2. VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Cable Ties - we keep these in our organizing kit when we go to jobs. They are perfect for keeping the cords tidy behind the tv and computer.

  3. Bamboo Charging Station - This is great for those of us who have lots of electronics and want to have a place to store and charge them.

  4. Portable Projector - Endless entertainment options. Set this up in the backyard, camping, or on vacation!

  5. Surge Protector Wall Outlet Extender - Don't need a whole charging station? No worries! This wall outlet extender is perfect for saving space and giving you all the charging ports you need, without the clutter!


  1. Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers - Want to know my favorite hangers? THESE ARE IT! I love how they're slim, make it easy to put clothes on, and allow them to stay on!

  2. SheetCube Storage - This is perfect to keep your entire sheet/pillowcase set all together and make it easy to pull down with one hand!

  3. Fabric Collapsible Storage Bins - These are perfect for storing sweaters, bathing suits, purses, etc. in your closet.

  4. Adjustable Shelf Divider - This is a great option to display and organize all of your bags.

  5. Hat Rack - Sometimes being organized means you get to keep all your things, but you just organize them better! These help all our friends with 3000 hats!

So how's your shopping list coming?

With 35 of our favorite Prime Day deals across Organizing Must-Haves, Plants, Pets, Party Essentials, Electronics, and Closet Solutions, you're sure to find everything you need to conquer your organizational chaos. Don't forget to bookmark this post and clip those extra coupons before checkout to maximize your savings! Happy Prime Day shopping!

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