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The Power of Order: Justene's Organized Office Secrets

Organized office with title of blog post the power of order justene's organized office secrets

Offices can sometimes be a pretty daunting space to not only organize but keep organized! In this post, we'll take you on a tour of Justene's impeccable home office! When Justene joined the team, a couple of us quickly honed in on her background during our team zoom meetings and we knew we just had to take a deep dive into her office organization systems! We are so excited to take a peek behind her and share her top organizational tips, and reveal how you too can transform your workspace into a haven of order and inspiration. Let's dive in to Justene's Organized Office Secrets!

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Justene's Desk

Organized Desk

Let's start our tour with the most important part of an office, the desk. Justene utilizes some great storage items in her desk to keep things easy to find and easy to put back! In the drawer, she used narrow drawer bins to store pens/pencils, scissors, sticky tabs, lighter, electronics, and tape. The drawer has a removable sliding bin that stores flashcards and sticky notes. With only one drawer for storage she had to get creative. She used a lazy susan to store markers, colored pencils, crayons, tape, glue, and expo markers. The bottom shelf stores office appliances including a large hole punch, paper cutter and laminator. Having a specific place for those little items is a game changer when it comes to maintaining an organizing system.

Printing/Storage Station
Organized Printing Station

Moving to the right of Justene's desk, you'll find what we like to call a printing station. This is where she keeps her printer and all of her paper supplies. She created this using two cube organizers, another one of our favorite organizing products! She utilizes drawer organizers to store paper, Cricut paper, and lamination sheets. Small bins with lids store toys and school materials. The tall bins are used for bulkier Cricut items and schooling materials.

Gaming Storage
organized game closet

Justene also has a gaming closet in her office! Games in the closet are organized by board games, puzzles, card games, and odd shaped toys/games. One of the pink bins houses the card games and the other is the home for odd shaped toys/games (think Bop It!). She used Target bookshelves to create the shelving system inside the closet. What an excellent method for storing and organizing a comprehensive collection of games.

Book Storage
Organized book storage and reading area

Finally, we come to the part of Justene's office that really caught our eyes, her book collection! There are so many different methods to organizing books, but Justene has chosen to organize her books by genre! Heavier books and scrap books live on the bottom of the shelves for obvious reasons. She utilizes white magazine holders to hide off items such as activity books. The white bins in the middle of the bookshelves are for journals, stickers, and notepads.

You'll also see a day bed in this area. This goes back to one of our rules of thumb, storing items near where you use them. Location matters! What better place to put your bookshelf than next to a cozy place to read? You'll see a blanket ladder in this area as well, providing a stylish and practical storage solution for her favorite reading blanket. The day bed also hides "under the bed storage containers" that house rarely used items.

Organized Office Secrets Revealed

And there you have it—a glimpse into Justene's meticulously organized home office! From her innovative desk storage solutions to her carefully curated book collection, Justene's workspace is a shining example of how thoughtful organization can transform a potentially overwhelming space into a functional and inspiring haven. Her creative use of storage items, strategic placement of essential tools, and clever categorization methods offer valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their own office setup. We hope you found this tour both informative and inspiring, and that Justene's tips will help you create an orderly and efficient workspace that perfectly suits your needs. Happy organizing!


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