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Welcome to the S.O.R.T Summit!

The S.O.R.T. Summit is our effort to bring collaboration to another level!  We want to not only collaborate as a business owner, but also with our teams and our community.  SO much more is achieved when we work together!

What you'll find at the S.O.R.T. Summit
  • Keynote Speakers from the organizing world and beyond

  • Team building activities

  • Organizing Systems

  • Building Community and networking opportunities

  • Business Insights and Expert Tips

Interested in the SORT Summit?
Do you have a team?
Would you bring team membes if there is a good discont?
What average ticket price would make you want to bring some team membes?

Thanks for RSVPing.  We'll be collecting & reviewing responses and make a decision and open registration in March 2023!

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