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Amazon Prime Day- Organizing Finds for Your Life

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Amazon Prime Day- organizing Finds

Prime Day on Amazon is coming and we're so excited to jump in! While I love shopping locally as much as I can, sometimes the deals that Amazon has are just too good to pass up.

{Disclosure: Links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.}


Amazon Organizing Must Haves

These are staples in any organizing job!

Label Maker: this is the exact one I use on the job! It does up to 1" thick tape for easy-to-read labels. Print images for more visual organizing, and you can get a huge variety of tape color options.

Hyacinth pantry bins: use these in a pantry to give a space warmth & texture. Multiple sized & colors.

Plastic Storage Bins: These are a great size for any pantry if you're looking to hide the visual clutter. Similar to the Container Store ones I love to use. Comes in white, clear, and multiple sizes.

5 Section Lazy Susan: I LOVE these. I use these on so many jobs because it's so multi-purposeful.

9" Lazy Susan: These are small enough to go almost anywhere and are great for oils, bottles, spices & condiments. In a pantry, use these in the corner parts to maximize odd spaces.

Blanket Basket: For those large items in your living room or nursery, here's a perfect basket. Multiple colors & sizes.

Drawer Bins: These can take any junk drawer and turn it into a utility drawer! Use them in kitchens, offices, garages, and more!

Bamboo Drawer Dividers: These are great in bedrooms & kitchens!

White Drawer Dividers: Great for dresser drawers and super easy to use.

Amazon Garage Organizing items

Power Tool Organizer: Get those pesky oddly shaped tools off your table & on the wall so easily with this!

Pegboard with Hooks: Go verticle & visible with your organizing in your garage with this!

Socket Organizer: For the tool lover in your life this is great. it keeps your sockets from rolling around while making each one easy to get to and see the size.

Hooks: Can you tell I like to go verticle yet? HOOKS are a staple for any garage I do to get those pesky items off the floor.

Pliers Organizer: Pliers & wrenches can take up a lot of space in a drawer or shelf. This allows you to stand them up, see them all, and save space!

FastTrack Hook Rail: Get those yard tools off the ground and on this! It's super easy to install and you can customize it with different hooks that can move where you need it to go.

Amazon Office organizing products

Hanging File Folders: I use these for paperwork jobs myself and the different colors help to categorize visually.

Center Tab Manilla Folders: I hate the visual clutter of seeing different tab positions in a filing system. Keep 1, trust me, and it will make you feel amazing to see the finished product.

12-section expanding file organizer: Great for those with little to keep or for keeping receipts organized.

Hanging File Holder: Don't underestimate these. You can fit 2 of them in a 13" cube bin to create a hidden but cute paper organizing system. Ditch the metal filing cabinets and go for these!

Monitor Risers: These are great for those who have dual monitors. It gets them up to eye level and they're so cute!

Cabel Organizer: Keep the cables you use at your desk constantly, organized and easy to use.

Pencil Organizer: Perfect for sorting different kinds of items. There's the added bonus of spinning them to you!

Amazon Kitchen organizing products

Utensil Holder: This not only holds them but spins to bring them to you!

Canisters: Decant your flour & sugar into containers that you want to keep on your countertop. Added bonus of not needing to label them.

Fridge Organizing Bins: Sort, organize, and SEE all those fruits and veggies instead of letting them go bad.

Pots/Pans Organizer: If you have a bottom cabinet with no shelf that you use for your pots & pans, this is for you! I personally have this and love it!

Bakeware Organizer: Stop stacking your pans and get them verticle. I've also used this to organize decorative plates/platters for easy access.

OXO Pop Containers: These are my favorite brand right now. Perfect for snacks, especially for kids, that are easy to get to but stay fresh.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Canisters: These don't play around! they are perfect for storing your baking supplies and will not let any air in keeping them fresh.

Cereal Dispenser: I use thises in my home and I can't go back to shoving the cereal bag back into the box. Keeps it fresh and easy for my toddler to pour. This is also big enough to hold most boxes you get from the store.

Amaazon Summer fun Organizing

Boombox Cooler: Instead of a cooler & a speaker, combine the 2!

Pool Equipment Holder: Keep the pool toys close by but also easy to roll back into the shed or garage.

Zipper Bags: great for adult swim trunks and controlling the swim supplies on the go.

Small tote with Handles: Perfect for keeping different outside toys/activities contained and easy to take anywhere. Bug kits, Sandbox tools, and water balloons all have their own spots.

Beauty Blender Holder: This is perfect to hold a small sponge beauty blender. Why? For applying sunscreen on the faces of kids who don't want to sit still.

Amazon clothes & bedding organizing

SheetCube Storage: This is perfect to keep your entire sheet/pillowcase set all together and make it easy to pull down with 1 hand!

Clothes Storage Bin: These are cute and make storing blankets easy!

Plastic Hangers: Want to know my favorite hangers? THESE ARE IT! I love how they're slim, white, make it easy to put clothes on, and allow them to stay on!

Velvet Hangers: It's a popular choice for many and looks great! You won't have clothes falling off these.

Honeycomb drawer divider: This is perfect for organizing socks & underwear. I don't like folding them so this keeps it organized with minimal effort!

Amazon Toy organizing products

Cube Shelf: The 13" cube shelves are the best size! They're perfect for sorting toys into categories on different shelves and the shelf itself can be used in a variety of different ways.

Cube Bins: Goes perfect with the 13" shelf!

Light up Stuffie Hammock: This is sure to make any kid get excited about putting their stuffies in it.

Lego storage basket: This is great for kids who just love to dump all their legos out and have a ball. Easy clean-up!

Lego Brick Organizers: want to organize by color? These are great and easy to use.

Soft Toy Chest: Cheap and will contain the mess.

Amazon Pet Organizing

Treats container: Cute and you will want to give your furry friend a treat every day!

Collapsible Pet Food Storage: This collapses to let you use it in a variety of places. and keeps you from reaching your whole arm in the container. Even holds a 50-pound bag.

Pet feeding station: It's elevated for your dog, stores food, and you can hide the evidence away! PERFECT!

Travel Pet Bag: This can hold it all! Food, collapsible bowls, leashes, toys, and more! Great for weekend trips & camping.

Poop Bag Storage: Instead of digging in the bottom of a bin for the poop bags, keep them all together in 1 spot here!

Pet Medicine Organizer: Does your pet need medicine daily? Organize it to keep it simple and different from the human meds.

Cat Wand Organizer: Have a cat who loves the wands? This is a great way to keep those off the ground and out of their reach if they're crazy about them.

Have a good find? Comment below!
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