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Gift Wrapping Organization Guide

Updated: Feb 12

Welcome to December! We’re here to help you get your gift wrapping station in good shape for the holiday season! Just in time too, with Christmas only a week away! We are thrilled to share our tips for gift wrapping organization with you to help save your from those wrapping nightmares!

{Disclosure: Links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.}


Gift Wrapping Organization 101

One of the first steps of getting organized with any project is to look at what you already have. Before you fight the crowds to get new supplies, assess what you already have from last year or previous years. The next step is to declutter. We've customized our decluttering process specifically for gift wrapping to help you out!

10 Steps to Get your Gift Wrapping Station Decluttered and Organized

  1. Keep no more than two rolls of wrapping paper for each occasion. 

  2. Keep no more than three gift bags for each occasion, and make sure they are generic to maximize their usability. 

  3. Keep tissue paper in your gift station; it is biodegradable and can be reused and recycled. Stay away from cellophane and Easter grass type materials!

  4. Sort all of your materials and keep like items together.

  5. If possible, store all of your wrapping supplies in the same area of your home.

  6. A lot of us have reached the age when we see an empty box and exclaim, “Ooh! That’s a nice box!” Warning: these boxes can create clutter. If you haven’t used that nice box in a year, we urge you to recycle it!

  7. Get an organizer for ribbons and bows to keep them in one place and in good condition.

  8. Label everything so that you can put your items back where they belong when you are finished wrapping. Use detailed labels, especially if you keep supplies for several holidays on hand.

  9. It is wonderful to reuse gift bags and pass them along, but be sure to remove the tags so someone doesn’t receive a gift that looks like it’s meant for you!

  10.  Keep a pair of scissors and a pen in your wrapping station.

Gift Wrapping Products we Love

We couldn't talk about organizing a gift wrapping station without sharing with you some of our favorite products that really save the day! We've compiled a selection of gift wrapping supplies for low, medium, and high price points to help you get all of those holiday presents ready! 

High End

Elfa Classic Mesh Gift Wrap Door & Wall Rack - We love this product because it is super secure; it attaches to the top and bottom of your door so it doesn’t bang around. It is highly customizable (it can mount on the wall insteads of a door if you would like) and makes good use of underutilized vertical space.

In the Middle

Wrapping Paper Storage Box Container - These bins for storing wrapping paper are great because they are 40 inches: tall enough to hold those extra-long tubes of paper!

Low End

Hearth & Harbor Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer - This wrapping supply storage box scoots right under your bed to keep it out of the way when you’re not using it. We like that it is made of a durable, attractive fabric and that it will protect your supplies from dust and moisture.

Other Handy Wrapping Tools

We’re almost ready to wrap up getting your gift station in order, but for those of you who like to get a little fancy with your packages, check out these slick tools!

  • Christmas Gift Wrap Roll Cutter Tool - Scissors are no longer necessary, as this tube shaped cutter glides right down the length of the roll of wrapping paper! It’s so quick and easy.

  • Wrap Buddies Wrapping Paper Clamps - These Wrap Buddies tape dispensers clamp onto the table so you don’t have to worry about juggling a roll of tape and holding onto your paper at the same time.

  • 500 Pieces Christmas Tags - We love how these self-adhesive gift tags come on a roll to save space. You receive 500 for a great price, so you will be stocked up for a long time.

We hope these ideas will save you from your wrapping nightmares, or at least make them a little less scary! Let us know your favorite gift wrapping hacks in the comments below!

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